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Training Classes

Why attend dog training classes?

LOVE K9 Dog Training

Lessons offer advice and practical help with regard to:

  • Understanding your dog
  • Building up your confidence
  • Getting your dog to listen to you
  • Socialising your dog with people and other dogs
  • Building up a range of commands/instructions

Dog Training



(Puppy and Adult Dogs) This is a 5-week course that focuses on building a positive foundation for you and your dog. Approximately 14 commands are covered during the course, focusing on training and practicing a few new commands each week. Gentle and structured socialisation takes place weekly.


A 5-week course, where increased levels of control are taught to each handler and canine trainee using sequences of commands. Each handler and their dog engages in more distance work and these classes also help you begin to introduce your dog to some off-lead work.


Some off-lead and more complex exercise/training routines are practiced weekly. Individual handlers are encouraged to make up new training routines themselves too. Behaviours like the ‘Come’ command are practiced while other dogs are moving around. A deeper understanding of your dog is fostered.


Classes last an hour and take place each week. Each 5-week course costs £60.

What to do next

If you are interested in joining a training group or just want to find out more, please contact us – we will be happy to give you some advice and information.