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Experienced dog trainers are at the heart of LoveK9, offering a range of services including varied obedience training and Agility classes in East Sussex.

We are dedicated to helping you and your dog, whatever your needs. We really do love dogs and have a great deal of experience and a proven track record in obedience and socialisation, catering for dogs of all breeds and ages.

What we do

We are dedicated to supporting dog lovers and their dogs in the Sussex area and take great pride in how we deliver our services to you. The dog training schools, classes and services we offer include:

Why dog training is a necessity

Developing effective communication skills between you and your dog is crucial to contentment on both sides. If you and your dog understand each other then it stands to reason that a very positive rapport will grow every day.

Body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, positive attitude and hand signals are some of the factors involved in the interaction process, as is the ability to interpret and read what your dog is telling you.

If you practice our specific training techniques routinely, your mutual enjoyment, skills and rapport will definitely flourish in no time at all.

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Our approach

    • positive
    • informed
    • experienced
    • tailored to you
    • interesting
    • great fun
    • very effective
    • proven


Bexhill Dog Walk

22nd November 2014

10am start from Cooden Beach Hotel

in aid of St. Michael’s Hospice and Demelza.


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A really good social and informative event

The small class size is ideal. The LoveK9 trainers are extremely friendly and helpful and always happy to answer questions.

My dog's confidence has improved greatly since we have been going to the classes - a really good social and informat...

Helen with Maisie
Seriously wondered if we would be able to keep him

We have been astounded by the friendly and supportive nature of the LoveK9 training team. Thor is a rescue who, prior to being seen at home by Brian and taking part in two training courses, was for the most part untrained and uncontrollable.

Andy and Sue with Thor
Training methods are easy to follow

Archie is our 7 month old Shih-tzu/Lhasa Apso. He's our first ever family dog and we've been coming to Brian's classes since he was about 5 months old.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the basic and the intermediate groups and they have been bot...

Julie and Mollie with Archie
We have never looked back

Having previously had an extremely well behaved dog for 14 years and working full time I knew getting a puppy would be out of the question, so decided to rescue a dog instead…welcome Nualla!!!...a shepherd x husky aged 2 - 2.5 years who had seri...

Helen with Nualla
What a difference!

My Lurcher, Eddie, was nervous around other dogs. After a very instructive 1:1 with Brian, we concluded that my leadership skills were at fault! I therefore embarked on a 5 week training session with Eddie to rectify my problem...what a difference...

Patricia and Joseph with Eddie
Just the ticket

Brian, Jean and Vicky provide an excellent starting point for taking you and your dog through the basics, intermediate and advanced training that gives you the tools to continue and take your dog further.  Without their support I would not be the...

Sarah with Jaz, Toby & Lenny
Small dog, BIG attitude

Brian first came to my home to help me with Sprout, my then 2 year old cairn x terrier. Although a small dog, Sprout had a BIG attitude and thought he ruled the roost! Almost as soon as Brian walked through the door Sprout altered and Sprout’s b...

Val with Sprout

Our beloved GSD Yarras was unaccustomed to walking down the street ignoring other dogs, and we found it difficult to control him on such walks. A friend said Brian Stanton could solve this problem. We were very impressed with Brian’s understandi...

David and Eileen with Yarras
A great environment for socialising safely

We have 2 extremely lovable, yet boisterous 2.5 year old boxer dogs. Unfortunately, we have encountered behavioural problems with both our dogs so we spoke to Brian, who is extremely helpful and is always on the end of the phone. He even accompani...

Claire, Jasmine and William with Murphy and Maxi
Excellent training regime

We have had a rescue collie from the RSPCA called Boycie since September 2011. He is now 15 months old. Brian Stanton (Love K9) has been a life saver for us – through his excellent training regime Boycie, who was quite a headstrong collie, has b...

Alan and Pam
Terrified and impossible to handle

Two years ago we took on a four year old Rescue German Shepherd – Kaiser. At first he seemed perfect, no barking, but went crazy in traffic. He was terrified and impossible to handle. He fought to get out whenever we went out without him. We wer...

Alan, Barbara & Peter
Hooligan to gentleman

Our dog Max, a Labrador, went from being a hooligan to a gentleman after only a short time attending classes; we just have to mention Brian’s name at home and Max wags his tail and runs to our front door!

Brian is a first class trainer an...

Aileen and David
No social skills

Bella is a rescue Border/Patterdale cross and had been neglected by her previous family, kept in a kitchen and had no social skills with other dogs or humans. She had no training, wasn’t sociable or affectionate and was a wild escape artist!

Tania, Simon & Bella
Classes are fun

My dog, Dobbie, just wouldn’t listen when he saw another dog and it was impossible to get him to come back!! Going to Brian’s class helped by getting him socialized with other dogs in a controlled environment and he is learning that he can go ...

Mary, Hannah, Jemma with Dobbie
Fantastic advice and practical help

Brian, Jean and Vicky offer fantastic advice and practical help; they are very patient with the dogs but especially with the owners! My two dogs, a rottie and a staffie, love them all and are very sociable with other people and dogs as a result…...

Julia (& Eva & Lou-Lou)
Light at the end of the tunnel

I had never had a dog before. How hard could this be, after all I have three children? It is only a dog after all! Having seen Brian’s advert asking for owners to come along to an informal meeting, I thought ‘oh well, I’ll give it a go’…...

Neil, Jackie and of course Elvis!
Astounded at the improvement

Our dog Izzy took to Brian straight away. She is excitable but Brian got her attention and she focused on his commands very quickly. Training was made exciting and rewarding and Izzy loves it.

I took Izzy for a walk after that first trainin...

Lee & Sue
We have all benefited from the experience

We rescued our black Labrador Charlie eighteen months ago. He wasn’t socialised with other dogs or people which caused problems when out on a walk. Since attending Brian’s classes we have seen a massive transformation in Charlie’s behaviour ...

Graham & Claire
Offering advice and practical direction

Brian has a unique way of working and understanding dogs and their owners and this is what I was looking for, particularly as I have three dogs of various ages. Brian encouraged me to take all three dogs to classes…no easy thing, but it worked v...

Fred loves coming to classes

Fred is a rescue dog with issues – I felt a bit embarrassed by him when I attended another training class. When we went to LoveK9 Fred was made very welcome by Brian, Jean and Vicky and I was quickly helped to understand and manage his behaviour...

Penny, Fred & Skye
Barked at everything and everyone

Elsa was a rescue with no history, as she was found wandering the streets of London. I was told she was rather gobby! This turned out to be very true, as she barked at everything and everyone and sounded quite aggressive. Upon starting training cl...

Margaret with Elsa
Training needs identified quickly

The LoveK9 team has a fun, structured schedule which allows all dogs and owners to progress quickly with confidence. Because the class sizes are small, any training needs can be identified quickly which allows the whole class to move on together.<...

Pat & Liz with Bronte

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